Our Services

Providing complete solution in engineering systems, by designing full system integration and deliver perfect product; using the best terminal equipment and top of the range end user’s routers and switches.

We specialize in circuits and trunks end to end termination, with provisioning of the matching terminal equipment for POPS and end uses data facilities.

We undertake solution for setting up and linking capacities via submarine cables to the desired end point POPS and obtain necessary terrestrial backbone fiber optical connections.

Transmission System Planning – Assess and provide solution in transmission systems, chart out and plan all systems integration and linkage with optical fiber cables.

Transmission Implementation – Define and direct the implementation of required protection strategies.

Fiber System Planning – Plan optical cable routes while identifying possible bottlenecks and how to mitigate them.

Equipment & Design Setting – Provide solution on recommended technical and terminating process.

Fiber Network System Interlinking – Provide linking strategies between submarine optical and backhaul optical cable networks.

Project Implementation – Chart out all milestone on project implementation.

Turnkey Solutions Provision – FF Provide turnkey solutions to all technological projects.